Social Purpose Organizations

My focus for organizations: business, partnership, finance, build, grow
My focus for artists and other individuals: flourish

Social purpose organizations (not for profit or private) are adapting to increasing competition for public funding and increased needs for financial transparency & accountability.
This includes a heavy emphasis on revenue generation or social enterprise and partnerships.

I collaborate as a partner, help with the tools to make it all possible, and know when to seek other partners in the process.

On one side, this is an administrative exercise.
All organizations, even individual artists need a plan.
You need a clear sense of mission and a text based or visual roadmap to achieve your goals.
Product that I offer includes traditional strategic plans, digital media, and model policy documents.

On the other side, financial matters have to be in order.
I help support public and private investments & work on financial plans and budget management.
Support includes creating cash flow charts and daily-use tools for record keeping.
I emphasize the importance of good bookkeeping, keeping receipts, & sticking to budgets.

Along the way and together, we create tools for data collection, evaluation, & much, much more.

Consider me in for the long haul.