The Arts

I have a varied and almost wholly behind-the-scenes history of supporting individual artists and arts organizations.

Latest contribution ?

The full and ongoing renovation of Bronson Centre Music Theatre.

Current youth dance…. check them out: MOOV

My contributions to the arts are focussed on concept consolidation, project development, and contract delivery.

Sometimes just stuff, like with BEING Studio.

I commissioned this mural, now mounted inside Bronson Centre main foyer.

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Mural: BEING Studio Professional Artists 2022

A short list of projects in which I am or have been involved include:

  • rural connections across Eastern Ontario with World Folk Music Ottawa
  • Mali – Canada exchanges with Jah Youssouf and  The Woodchoppers Association (2003-2009)
  • documentary film production – Road to Baleya – with Close Up Films (2004)
  • the now quiet Coalition of New Canadians for Arts and Culture (2007-2011)
  • youth programs + cultural diversity projects with Stellula Music
  • arts and culture, performance +  program development with Jaku Konbit

My experience in the arts includes theatre production, play writing, professional choral singing, blog/novel/poetry writing (and business management – an art in itself – surprise surprise).

I publish books of my own when possible and… from rare to rare time… blogging (economics) + (international development) + (poems).

For my own small, completed publishing projects, see my My Books page.